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Let me start this diary by stating the obvious.


Here's some inspiration for you. This will be short and sweet - and hopefully motivational.

I am NOT a likely voter.  I am a 42 year old black female who has voted in every presidential election since I was old enough to BUT this mid-term will be my first since politically, I really didn't start paying attention until early 2007.

I am not a "likely voter". But I would have crawled through broken glass to cast my vote in this mid-term AND I am dragging more than a few "unlikely voters" with me.

Remember this and remember it well: THESE POLLS ARE BULLSHIT. There is NO precedent, NO history, NO statistical ability to draw conclusions from past midterms. THIS ONE IS ALL NEW. Period.

See, I'm not a "likely voter".  I'm off the pollster radar completely. Despite the fact that I registered well over 150 new "unlikely" voters in 2008.  I'm completely off the pollster radar. I don't exist.

And so is my husband. Another "unlikely voter". HA! Together we have the broken glass lacerations on our bellies to show just how "unlikely" we are to vote. HA!  But we're off the radar completely. Nobody is calling us since we're an "unlikely voters". I guess I'm supposed to be fishing today  - or working on my tan or something. UN-likely!

But I'm not the only one.

Those 150 or so "unlikely voters" I personally registered in 2008? They're off the radar too. But so help me god,  they'll be voting today too, as "unlikely" as that seems.  Imagine that!

And oh, I forgot to mention: not only am I an "unlikely voter" I also don't own a landline, even though I am way older than 25.  

Just sayin.

Remember this and remember it well: THESE POLLS ARE BULLSHIT. PROVE IT. GOTV.

P.S. I won't be hanging out here much today. I'm getting some work done this morning then it's off to drag some other unlikely voters through glass.


UPDATE: Holy crap! Recommended? Sweet!  Now, I'm off to get some client work done and then it's on to dragging folks through glass. Won't you do the same today where you live? Please?

Originally posted to mdmslle on Tue Nov 02, 2010 at 05:07 AM PDT.


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